What do you want for the future?

Nespresso for the future!

We were able to procure Php 100,000.00 to fund seedlings that will be planted here soon, in our growing forests.

We are so excited to finally announce this project with Nespresso!

A while back, their team reach out to us to take their sustainability efforts further and wanted to support our local reforestation efforts in Zambales with Yangil Tribe and MAD Travel  Together, we were able to procure Php 100,000.00 to fund seedlings that will be planted here soon, in our growing forests.

We can all do our part for our world, big or small. If you're a Nespresso user as well, check out their recycling project by simply returning your used capsules. Learn more about the campaign by visiting www.nespresso.ph.

We're really so happy to be partnering with Nespresso who shares our vision of a Philippines where nature is conserved and its people are empowered. Nespresso is showing us how it is possible for companies to go green and think about our future.

Working with the Nespresso team, we understand that this is more than coffee—their efforts to go green can do good and cause positive change. For almost 20 years, the company has focused on protecting nature through agroforestry projects that aim to conserve ecosystems, which its coffee farms rely on. Novateur Coffee Concepts Managing Director, Patrick Pesengco, explains, “Everything we do as a company should be sincere, mindful, and responsible. Even in our business, we have to show care for others and the environment because these make up our nourishment and wellbeing. When we collaborate with companies that also share the same values, we are able to come out stronger and more effective in our pursuit for sustainability. This enables us to create positive change that lasts.”

Taking the important steps towards a positive cup

The brand’s sustainability efforts are categorized into two main initiatives: first, by implementing a ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ system that gives second lives to used capsules and coffee grounds; and second, by continuing to support farmers and partner with passionate individuals who share the same values through various initiatives.

To supplement these efforts in the Philippines, the brand introduced other initiatives that forefronts its mission to make coffee a force for good.

A recycling program was launched in 2019 that features the collection and recycling process of capsules. Working closely with its partners, Nespresso processes returned capsules to separate coffee grounds from the aluminum. The aluminum is sent to Katipunan Metals Corporation for recycling into new aluminum bars, while non-profit organization Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation upcycles the aluminum into artistic pieces, giving second lives to the used materials.

Used coffee grounds go to two partner farms: in Cavite which focuses on the production of pesticide-free, organically-grown lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and snack cucumbers, which are being served at a salad restaurant; and in Bulacan where these are converted to organic fertilizers.  Learn more about the campaign by visiting www.nespresso.ph.

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