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Torrential rains, floods, and our support

Distribution updates to our partner community, The Yangil Tribe, following heavy rains and floods.

A while back, we put out a call for help— the annual and torrential rains in Zambales had again affected our partner community for reforestation, the Yangil Tribe. In years past, the rains and floods would come and either force the community to stay in their area for weeks at a time or face the dangerous 1-2 hour walk to the nearest bayan.

Through our 88k Tree Fund, we were able to provide ropes and pulleys, something the tribe said would help them during this time, as well as goods and medicines for the 50 households in Yangil to ease the difficulties during this pandemic.

We would love to say this is good news, but this is not. The Yangil Tribe is not an anomaly in experiencing this reality; many more of our indigenous people are severely underserved as well. This needs to change. This can change with the right leaders— so here’s a gentle reminder to vote. We can change the world and the realities of others in many ways, exercising our right to vote is one of the best ways to do so.

We want a better future— for everyone, not just for a few.

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